The Manager

Smarter Money Investments Pty Ltd (SMI) was founded in 2011 by Darren Harvey, Christopher Joye, their team of analysts, and a leading distribution partner to focus on absolute return fixed-income strategies in concert with strategic distribution partners.

SMI launched its first solution, the Smarter Money Active Cash (SMAC) strategy, in February 2012 and its second solution, the Smarter Money Higher Income (SMHI) strategy, in October 2014.

SMI is 50% owned by its investment team via Coolabah Capital Investments Pty Ltd with the remaining half held by SMI's strategic retail distribution partner. Coolabah Capital Investments is majority owned by SMI's investment team with a multi-billion dollar family office acquiring a 25% stake in early 2015.

SMI adopts a value-based investment philosophy that fuses both traditional analysis with quantitative and macroeconomic overlays. Since its inception 6 years ago, SMAC has materially outperformed all key peers and benchmarks (see here). SMHI has likewise delivered strong risk-adjusted return outcomes (see here).

SMI works with leading independent wealth management institutions, including the ASX-listed Yellow Brick Road Holdings, the ASX-listed platform, Equity Trustees Limited, which owns EQT RE Services Limited, and Mainstream Fund Services, which administers over $130 billion in assets. This is a summary only. If you want access to the full site, please click here.