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20 May 2015
Think-Tank Slides

In this SMI think-tank session the portfolio managers discuss why they believe:

  • interest rate duration risks are being under-estimated and could inflict significant capital losses on all portfolios, including those with exposure to equities, hybrids and housing;
  • the major banks are carrying too much financial leverage at a time when house prices are at record highs and interest rates at all-time lows (to say nothing of ultra-low provisioning against loan losses); and
  • the widely misunderstood triggers for the next economic and financial market cycle, which will likely be inflation, not deflation, that will in turn undermine the wildly popular "low rates for long" meme.

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18 May 2015
Lonsec and Atchison award SMI new ratings

The rapidly-growing, $295 million fixed-income boutique, Smarter Money Investments, has been awarded two new research ratings from Lonsec and Atchison Consultants for the Active Cash ("Investment Grade") and Higher Income ("Recommended") strategies.

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