Active Cash Strategy

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Fund Name

The Smarter Money Fund

ISIN: AU60CRE00140

Morningstar Ticker: 19382


APIR Codes

Platform/Wholesale/Assisted Units: CRE0014AU

mFund code: SMF01



The Smarter Money Fund, called Smarter Money Active Cash (SMAC) strategy, is an independently rated and recommended strategy targeting low-risk cash and fixed-income returns that exceed the RBA’s cash rate by 1%-2% pa after fees, over rolling 12 month periods. SMAC actively invests in a portfolio of Australian bank deposits and investment grade floating-rate notes with a dollar weighted average “A” credit rating. SMAC does not invest in fixed-rate bonds (unless interest rate risk is swapped out), sub-investment grade bonds, debentures, AT1 hybrids, equities or overseas bonds. SMAC's portfolio managers add value through active asset-selection with materially lower volatility and interest rate duration risk than traditional fixed interest funds.



SMAC has consistently outperformed: its benchmark, which is the RBA cash rate plus 1% per annum after fees; the AusBond Bank Bill Index, which is made up of Australian bank-issued bills; the AusBond Floating-Rate Note Index, which is made up of Australian-issued and investment-grade floating-rate notes; and the average peer fund. Past performance does not, however, assure future returns. For a full performance analysis, click here.



SMAC has been independently reviewed and rated by several research houses, including Financial Express, Lonsec, Mercer, Atchison Consultants and Australia Ratings. Please contact us to obtain copies of the available ratings reports. These ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding whether to invest.





SMAC is listed on a range of independent investment platforms, which are outlined here.



SMAC targets holding 20%-30% of its investments cash and cash equivalents with the balance invested in Australian floating-rate bonds that generally move in line with the RBA cash rate. As a minimum, the bonds must have an "investment grade" rating with a target average "A" rating. The fund does not invest in any related party securities.



SMAC is not a bank deposit. It is a managed investment scheme registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). All investments carry risks, including that the value of investments may vary, future returns may differ from past returns, and that your capital is not guaranteed. To understand SMAC’s risks better, please refer to the detailed "Risks" section in the PDS, which can be downloaded here.



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