Smarter Money Investments (SMI) is an active manager with a proven track-record of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns in the liquid cash plus & short-term fixed interest asset-classes through bottom-up & top-down quantitative asset-pricing capabilities and relentless qualitative due diligence. SMI's portfolios are managed by Coolabah Capital

Smarter Money Investments Pty Ltd (SMI) is a leading independent, active fixed-income manager established in 2011 by Darren Harvey, Christopher Joye and their team of analysts, who sub-manage all of SMI's funds via Coolabah Capital Investments Pty Ltd. In 2016 SMI was a finalist for Money Management/Lonsec’s “emerging fund manager of the year” award. SMI's first active short-term fixed-interest solution, called the Smarter Money Active Cash (SMAC) strategy, was launched in February 2012 and has consistently outperformed peers and alternatives. SMI's second active credit solution, called the Smarter Money Higher Income (SMHI) strategy, was publicly launched on 1 October 2014 and has likewise delivered superior returns. 


SMI's comparative advantages are in active cash management, active bond selection, top-down and bottom-up quantitative asset pricing and related research, qualitative due diligence, and minimising credit and interest rate duration risks. SMI believes that there is a significant role for liquid active cash and low duration fixed-interest (credit) to play in both individual and institutional portfolios. This is particularly true in a world where interest rates are near record lows and duration risks have elevated to all-time highs. SMI's portfolio managers have decades of fixed-interest trading and research experience and are augmented by an institutional-sized credit research capability that focuses on identifying and mitigating downside risks. The team's investment philosophy fuses both bottom-up and top-down quantitative valuation methods with intensive qualitative due diligence. As the performance analysis here shows, SMAC and SMHI have consistently outperformed their peers and benchmarks.